Thursday, 7 April 2011


This is the group evaluation for our music video and my own evaluation for my artwork products.

Group evaluation part 1

Group evaluation part 2

Group evaluation part 3

Tuesday, 5 April 2011


The optimism from last weeks showcase is completely gone and i'm starting to stress that we won't get the video and the evaluation finished, we might have to change from doing the evaluation as a group to individual just to make sure we can get it all done in time. On onday me and jenny discussed finishing the filming tomorrow but because of todays cancelled lesson we didn't have a chance to talk it over with the rest of the group, if we fail to film tomorrow our only other chance will be to film thursday but we need that time to edit. However i do find some comfort in knowing we're not the group with doubts about the deadline.

Wednesday, 30 March 2011


Today was the showcase in which we present our videos to the rest of the class and use their feedback to evaluate our peices. Below is the draft we presented to the class. The feedback we received was incredibly helpful and will be discussed in the evaluation. I managed to convince a friend to come to our class during her free and view our video also so, not only do we have the opinion of media students but also of general public.

Saturday, 26 March 2011


With the deadline for our video being next week I'm starting to seriously worry that we won't get it all done. We've completed over half of the video but not only do we have some left to film but the storyboard also becomes really unclear towards the end as it's all written in rough hand, with shots that are as basic as quotes from the song and the names of items. For the most part they also miss the setting they're supposed to be shot in. This has put a real strain on the time it's taking to finish editing, we haven't even begun to include transitions or effects. This next week is probably going to me the most stressful week of my life.

Monday, 7 March 2011

Artist advertisement

This is the Magazine advert i created for Ellie's live tour

Album artwork

This is the album artwork i created for Ellie's album. It includes the front cover, side band and the back of the album.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Paloma Faith album cover

This is Paloma faith's debut album, the concept behind the album is the battle between telling the ugly truth or a beautiful lie.

Similar to Kate Nash, the font used for album title is a classic 1930's style, creating a link within the genre. It is also typical font of the broadway scene, linking it in with her music video which i have also analysed.

The central image features some easily readable symbols. The light emerging from behind her, creates the effect of her shining, and the images surrounding are emerging from her. The doves are an obvious symbol of peace, and part of her iconic image, as a predominant feature of the album it is obvious that they are a part of the lie hiding the ugly truth.

The album artwork on this particular cover creates a visual image of what the message behinf the album is. The background features a dirty typical city apartment, hidden behind the shining light that surrounds the artist. This light its self is surrounded by shapes that resemble city buildings, this is likely to be a relation to new york city, a song which features on her album. The roses placed on the buildings are used to create further illusions by putting a beautiful spin on a harsh city. These illusions are direct relations to the album title, The dirty apartment being the truth, hidden behind the beauty of Paloma's artistic nature and femininity. This suggests that the album its self consists of songs that on the surface appear to be superficial but have a deeper more disturbing meaning.

Her body art creates the illusion of clothing when in reality she is topless. This false imagery suggests that, whilst she is putting herself out their musically, she is still hiding behind something. Her arm also appears to be covered in parts of the image that resemble the city, this suggests the city is consuming her or that she is becoming a part of it. The steam in the background can also be a symbol of the city as it resembles the many steam grates often found around the city.

Other dirty images that feature around the apartment are the dirty radiator in the background, hidden by the foreground image. The closed shutters can either be a relation to hiding away or blocking something out. However the sky like background compensates for this by creating a clearly false illusion of being in an airy place which confirms the idea of hiding. This colouring links in to the airy material seen around the room

This cover also features some opposing images giving it its own originality; such as mirrors and pictures unconventionally placed below the shutters and close to the floor. she also has her nails painted different colours on each nail, as the lower hand is darker this could possibly be a symbol for it being darker and deeper hence why it is lower. this could also be a relation to the common justice symbol of uneven weights.